Apr 2013


Keeping the internet personal with vpn browsing

The web is a trick place nowadays. A veritable minefield. It seems everywhere we turn we are reminded how vulnerable we are online and how easy it is for our personal data to fall into the wrong hands. In the past year several global businesses have been hacked and had user data, including passwords and […]

Mar 2012


Gambling With Futures

With so many people gambling and betting online, even in these tough economic times, I’m left wondering if I’m the last one to know about some secret path to riches or true happiness. This is just a rambling

Oct 2011


Review: Top Boy, Episode One

After much hype and promise, Channel 4’s four-part drama Top Boy exploded on our screens to acclaim and applaud on Twitter. With strong performances from the entire cast, it’s only a shame the drama doesn’t have a full season length run

Sep 2011


Why ‘Chemistry’ is Keeping Some Women Single

Single women talk a lot about ‘chemistry’ and why it’s important on a first date. I argue that it’s this unrealistic, fairytale expectation that is keeping those women single. And here’s how…

Sep 2011

Big Conversation

Join Us for The Big Conversation with Paul Carrick Brunson

Join me plus a star studded panel to welcome Paul Carrick Brunson’s revolutionary relationship coaching service OneDegreeFrom.Me to London on Saturday 17 September

Sep 2011


Brazil vs Ghana at Craven Cottage, London

Brazil beat Ghana in an international friendly on 06 September 2011 at Craven Cottage in London. It was a brilliant game of football with a fantastic atmosphere

Aug 2011


“We Can Roll a Force Like How They Roll A Force” – London Rioter Speaks

A London rioter openly discussed his reasons for covering up and joining the London riots which are devastating the City